Aaron templeton

Knoxville, TN

Mile: 4:01.16

3,000m: 8:04.69

5,000m: 13:39.39

10,000m: 28:25.34


Aaron has shown he has what it takes to be a member of Tinman Elite for his entire career—often taking races from the gun and pushing his limits in high school and the NCAA. This mindset was most visible at the 2018 NCAA XC Championships, where he took over the lead at 9K and hammered—breaking up the dwindling lead pack and crossing the line in 5th. Now moving up to the professional ranks, Aaron’s goofy nature and wide range made him a natural fit for Tinman Elite. He helps the team’s operations, serving as Product Manager.

Aaron brings an unfettered enthusiasm and tenacity to Tinman Elite that lifts up those around him.