Tinman Elite aims to be at the forefront of running culture—pushing the sport forward and connecting with it on all levels. adidas shares a similar mission: “Through sport, we have the power to change lives.”

In addition to a mission that speaks to the heart of Tinman Elite, adidas is a market leader in product innovation and performance. The brand leaves no stone unturned to bring the highest quality running shoes and apparel. We are always confident at the starting line with the highest quality product and support from adidas.


Tracking our runs is crucial. As runners, we measure our progress on runs and across seasons with data. Seeing upward trends in fitness instills confidence on raceday, which leads to results.

In partnering with COROS, we’ve found a brand that not only provides us with the world's most reliable GPS watches, but a brand that shares our vision and underdog spirit. COROS is punching above its weight thanks to a team who refuses to settle, products that address the specific needs of our athletes, and a desire to topple the status quo.