Tinman Elite aims to be at the forefront of running culture—pushing the sport forward and connecting with it on all levels. adidas shares a similar mission: “Through sport, we have the power to change lives.”

In addition to a mission that speaks to the heart of Tinman Elite, adidas is a market leader in product innovation and performance. The brand leaves no stone unturned to bring the highest quality running shoes and apparel. We are always confident at the starting line with the highest quality product and support from adidas.


WHOOP helps us optimize the way we recover, train, and sleep by collecting physiological data 24/7. As elite athletes, this data helps us know when to push ourselves, and when to back off to avoid injury.

To us, WHOOP is accountability on our wrist. It reminds us when it’s time to head to bed, shows us the tangible impact of a healthy lifestyle, and quantifies the work we’re doing into one clean metric. All athletes can benefit from WHOOP.

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Like all athletes, Tinman Elite puts an incredible emphasis on recovery and nutrition. Promix’s line includes some of the cleanest and highest quality protein, collagen, and hydration products available. Our athletes know they can rely on Promix to deliver nutritional tools that will help us reach our potential.

Tinman Elite’s partnership with Promix allows space for our team to provide actionable feedback on existing product, and work alongside Promix to create new products tailored to the needs of runners of all abilities.